Website Design and Development

Now, every good web design company does some sort of discovery as part of their 5-D process.

But what’s intriguing to me about the footer is it’s the devil’s playground, a den of thieves, the underworld of a website’s underbelly.

Although the Above the Fold myth has been questioned over the past eight years, we still get asked today about whether or not it’s a good idea to put content below the fold.

But if someone is looking to poke holes in your arguments as if you were a digital voodoo doll, then poke away they will.

Web text writers, and you’ve read it here before, are not the same as other writers. Web text writers understand search engine optimization.

My fellow Chicagoans, I know, to us the CTA is something else.

I’m not working from a content marketing calendar, like the Flying Wallendas, I’m working without a net.

And when I say top, why not set your sights on the summit?

Yes, I’m selling out, throwing in the towel, crying uncle, no mas.

There is now a viable animation alternative to Flash called SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics, and it’s a top web trend for 2014.