National Mango Board


The National Mango Board (NMB) is a national promotion and research organization headquartered in Orlando, Florida, which is supported by assessments from domestic and imported mangos. The NMB is responsible for tracking and monitoring all mango imports through an internal, database driven web-based application.  

The internal application relies on data received from U.S. Customs, which provides a mechanism for generating import reports based on the importer, country of origin, pounds, assessments, and port of entry district.  As the NMB expanded imports to the U.S., they outgrew their existing website application.  They needed a platform to run a variety of customs reports, which would simultaneously manage their industry contacts.  

Working closely with the NMB, TMA+Peritus developed a new internal website using Drupal as the content management platform. With improved website usability, the NMB staff can efficiently track and create a variety of reports that are essential in managing mango imports.


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