Website designs are moving away from ho-hum stock images and photography to more interesting and personalized branding that includes free-flowing compositions with colorful illustrations, interesting and subtle textures. Classic serif fonts, bolder sans serif fonts and a broader palette of muted colors are also helping to push back against the trend of minimalism.

But the time has arrived. UpCity and, two companies that rank 50,000 U.S. ad agencies for excellence and work quality, bestowed their highest statewide honor on TMA+Peritus. A total of seven other Wisconsin agencies won this award and a mighty salute goes to them, but TMA+P ranked the highest of all eight.

In pandemics, epidemics, tragedies, disasters -- both natural and manmade -- catastrophes, hardships and the like, words that are written matter; words that aren’t written matter; what’s between the line is now above the fold because people will interpret your words every which way to Sunday. That can be good. And not so good.

How To Pivot Successfully During A Pandemic: A Conversation With Jason Ilstrup. An attorney by training and a “connector” by design, Ilstrup was thrown the ultimate curve-ball, as many of us were when the Coronavirus upended DMI’s method, but not its mission. As an organization that conducts a meeting or holds an event almost every day, moving to a virtual existence couldn’t seem more at odds with their ideology.

What was to be the digital roadmap to 2030 is now the roadmap for 2020. What we were planning to do over the course of the next 10 years, we will need to do over the course of the next 10 months. For all of us, that realization is a tad bit frightening, but also enlightening.

When one of America’s greatest lyricists wrote Where Have All The Flowers Gone, he was only 36 years old and an already accomplished musical talent. Pete Seeger had that way about him.

Originally mistaken as a protest anthem about the Vietnam War, the song was written in 1955 and was derived from a book about Russian Cossacks titled All Flows The Don. But now, as COVID-19 is rightfully scaring the living daylights out of us, what’s not flowing is the communication from CEOs.

The awards keep coming for TMA+Peritus. Today, the digital marketing, branding and thought leadership firm announced that it has been recognized by Rising Star Reviews as the Top SEO Company in Madison, WI


UpCity Recognizes TMA+Peritus As One of the Top Agencies in the U.S.

Only 62 Agencies in the Country Win the Excellence Award.