TMA+P was recently named one of the Top 30 Best Website Design Firms and Top 30 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in the U.S. by two independent research and audit bureaus. Seattle-based and Chicago-headquartered UpCity, both named TMA+Peritus to the Top 30 distinction. No other Wisconsin company, in either category, made the rankings.

I’m honored to have been selected to open the new DreamBank of Madison with my award-winning keynote address: Of Socrates, Plato & Aristotle: How Thought Leadership Drives Stronger Sales, Marketing & Corporate Ethics.

In this week’s episode of Front Lobby Confessionals, Tom Marks talks about sales research and how it supports his trademarked Critical Insight Selling™ technique that sells your wisdom and industry knowledge rather than old-school features and benefits. If you want to sell more and sit on the sidelines less, this episode is for you.

For nearly 18 years, TMA+Peritus has been designing and developing websites for companies across the country as well as several sites in Australia. Many of the websites and digital projects have been for leading national and international brands like Foot Locker, McDonald’s, American Family Insurance, Eastbay, PowerSchool, FIS Global (SunGard), the California Avocado Commission, Rakuten OverDrive, Finish Line Sports, Leggett & Platt, Lion Apparel and the National Mango Board.

For centuries, men have behaved badly. To fraternity pledges; to rival sports enthusiasts; to servers and flight attendants; to people who don’t share their worldviews; to the homeless; and to the helpless.

And, of course, to women.

I’m worried. 

For my clients and my friends. I worry that in less than two years they’re not going to know what the hell hit them. For my friends in banking, manufacturing, professional services, technology, recreation, digital services, education, real estate, food and beverage, transportation, insurance, construction and health care.

Each year, with quite a bit of fanfare I might add, Reader’s Digest releases their 40 Most Trusted Brands in America. And each year it’s pretty much the same song and dance. It’s easy to pick apart the findings; after all, with only a very few exceptions, all the brands are national advertisers, some with marketing budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars and a few with budgets that exceed $1 billion.

In the Ad Nauseam Hall of Fame, in the Sales Wing, you’ll find no shortage of sales techniques including SPIN Selling, N.E.A.T. Selling, Conceptual Selling, SNAP Selling, Challenger Sales, The Sandler System, CustomerCentric Selling and MEDDIC Selling (Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain and Champion).

41 years ago, when I started my career in sales, marketing and thought leadership, I became fixated, if only for a short time, on the numerous definitions of marketing. From Ogilvy and Kotler to Leo Burnett and the American Marketing Association (who better to know what marketing is), there was just no rhyme, reason or consistency in the definitions.

Much has been written about the significance of storytelling in sales and marketing. In fact, much has been spoken about the importance of storytelling in everything business related. It’s not surprising that this is a favorite topic of professional speakers throughout the country.