Emails don't have to look stark, canned, stale and boring. There are more design options available than ever before, ready to spice up your next campaign. 

Let’s face it, everyone’s looking for an edge. An edge over their competitors, a service edge, product edge, sales edge and a relevant differentiation edge. In fact, in the 1980s and 1990s, in political campaign management, we called it the “wedge”. It was as simple as exploiting the opposing candidate’s greatest weakness and staking a messaging "wedge" between the two candidates in an effort to deepen the differentiation.

TMA+Peritus and Thomas R. Marks, President of the 35-year-old strategic marketing, web design and thought leadership firm has announced expanded services through Tom’s new professional speaking website TMA+Peritus will now be offering businesses and organizations Tom’s keynote speaking services as well as one and two-day workshops.

Besting all others in an RFP and open Wisconsin Association of Public Purchasers (WAPP) review, we are pleased to announce that earlier this year the contract for the design and development of a new website for Nicolet College was awarded to TMA+Peritus (TMA+P) over all other contenders.

Have a powerful and clear brand message

You have about eight seconds to get your point across. It should be very clear what products or services you are offering, along with bold calls-to-action to get the user involved. A good combination of writing and a careful choice of imagery will help you to pull this off.

For their work in 2017, TMA+Peritus won 10 American Advertising Awards bring their tally to over 65 awards in the last five years. 

Quite a few years ago, long before Wells Fargo began fleecing their customers, I gave a speech to Wisconsin executives affirming that the single most compelling market differentiation for businesses and organizations was trust. There’s little doubt, at least in the last 13 months, that trust has been whittled down to pencil-point levels.

  1. Gradients. Yes, gradients. They were right out, like the number five for the past several years when flat design was king. Now they’re back, with brighter and bolder colors that flow together seamlessly.    
  2. Drop Shadows. Another mainstay that had all but disappeared. These are now best used sparingly for a dramatic added dimension, rather than in every single shape and button on a website.

Any of us who have read the committed atrocities by Harvey Weinstein has been subject to a laundry list of his remarkable movies. I’ve seen many of them and enjoyed most of them, but you’ll read no list here. In every one of these articles, it’s as if these famed movies somehow temper the actions and buffer the bombshells. 

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