What's New in Website Design

Goodbye familiar, hello WOW!

Website designs are moving away from stock images and photography to more interesting and personalized branding that includes free-flowing compositions with colorful illustrations, interesting and subtle textures. Classic serif fonts, bolder sans serif fonts and a broader palette of muted colors are helping to push back against the all-to familiar use of pure minimalism.

  1. New technologies have led to new techniques in design, like glass morphism, as shown in this link:
  2. Using fewer hero full width images lets your visitors get right to your important content. The design can be enhanced with creative half-width images, illustrations, shapes, videos, interesting typography, and an interesting use of your brand colors.

  3. Oversized Type. Be bold. Use interesting, contrasting fonts from two or more families.

  4. Complex gradients. We’ve come a long way since the dawn of obnoxious, garish gradients, and now there are much smoother options that are also easy on the eyes.
    CSS gradient generator: 
    Hex color based gradients:
    UI gradient generator: 
    You can also use the classic color wheel from Adobe to help you with your color selections:

  5. Create a more engaging interactive user experience.
  6. Use hand drawn fonts and graphics.

When you are ready to add the WOW to your digital projects, reach out to and we will make it happen.