2021 Excellence winner

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As many of you know, I’m a firm believer in term limits. Term limits in regard to self-promotion, that is. Only one time per year will we allow for any sort of chest-thumping, braggadocio, and pompous self-assertion. 
I know, it’s only April.

But the time has arrived. UpCity and, two companies that rank 50,000 U.S. ad agencies for excellence and work quality, bestowed their highest statewide honor on TMA+Peritus. A total of seven other Wisconsin agencies won this award and a mighty salute goes to them, but TMA+P ranked the highest of all eight. Plus, we were in the top 98.5% of all 50,000 agencies nationwide. But who’s counting?

The UpCity algorithm analyzes customer reviews and trust of all types, search engine prominence, website excellence, recommendability ratings, and domain authority by use of Majestic’s Citation and Trust Flow to determine the rankings. This new award comes on the heels of our 2019-2020 rankings of Top 30 Digital Agencies and Top 30 Website Design Firms in the country.

And speaking of websites, Kathy Marks and her team of talents, are currently nose-to-the-grindstone on websites for an insurance company with multiple offices in multiple states; one of the leading international food and equipment packaging powerhouses; an ecommerce company that sells Ball Python snakes all over the world; a precision manufacturing company that has products in outer space; a law firm with offices throughout Wisconsin; and a food and agricultural packaging company in Idaho. Whew.
Yes, we’re off to a beautiful beginning which is as unimportant as anything I can think of. What is important is to remember the 570,000 people who have died at the insidious hands of COVID and the millions of family members and friends who have been dealt a terrible hand of heartache and despair for the remainder of their lives. The anguish is almost too much to think about, but in the end, we must think about it every day. There’s no term limit on that, and there should never be. At the very least, they all deserve our affection and deepest sensitivities. 
As always, all the best…
Tom Marks