Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The awards keep coming for TMA+Peritus. Today, the digital marketing, branding and thought leadership firm announced that it has been recognized by Rising Star Reviews as the Top SEO Company in Madison, WI

The Who’s song, Going Mobile, is about the freedom we have to go anywhere and escape anything with automobiles and mobile homes.

Let’s see – algorithms have been around since 1600 BC when the Babylonians were conjuring-up factorization for square roots. Why they were interested in square roots might be fodder for another post, especially because the Babylonians were consistently being attacked, and had to defend what proved to be indefensible borders.

Google’s new secret formula uses more than 200 factors to determine your website’s page rank? Successfully navigating this algorithm can mean the difference between potential customers finding your business or passing you by when they search online.

Peter Drucker lives on as one of the greatest business and management minds of the last 100 years. If he had blogged, he would have had millions of followers. As a content marketer, the most important insight I can share is to think like Drucker when you're ready to write.

What are 301 Redirects?  When you move, you go to the post office and fill out a change of address form to ensure your mail follows you to your new address. Essentially a 301 redirect is the ‘change of address’ form for the digital age.