Website Design and Development

For their work in 2017, TMA+Peritus won 10 American Advertising Awards bring their tally to over 65 awards in the last five years. 

  1. Gradients. Yes, gradients. They were right out, like the number five for the past several years when flat design was king. Now they’re back, with brighter and bolder colors that flow together seamlessly.    
  2. Drop Shadows. Another mainstay that had all but disappeared. These are now best used sparingly for a dramatic added dimension, rather than in every single shape and button on a website.

Although fashion trends are the trendiest of all trends, coming in at a distance second are website design trends. 

Think of your website pages as a storefront. Have you ever looked at a storefront and tried to figure out what the store was selling? We all have.

The other night, my fellow marketing friends, TMA+Peritus came up big, again. This time around, we won 13 awards bringing our total American Advertising Awards in the last three years to 48 – and almost all of them for our web and digital work.

According to Global Web Index,the smaller and more specialized platforms are growing at the quickest rates, with Pinterest (+97%) and Tumblr (+94%) recording by far the biggest and most impressive increases.

We may not be psychologically ready for the new year yet, but it’s time to take a look at the prevailing web trends for 2015.

Many of you want to know the hard results. The statistical results. “Just the facts, ma’am” as Joe Friday (Jack Webb) said in Dragnet. But before that, there’s this.

This blog is about the soft results, some of the things that have happened to me in the last 30 days and some of what I've learned.

First, let’s start with you. Most, but certainly not all, web projects that extend beyond the agreed upon timetable, go the distance because of client distractions.