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The Definitive Guide To Implementing Thought Leadership In Your Organization

Set yourself apart from your competitors using the processes detailed by Tom Marks to drive greater sales, stronger marketing messaging, and a more valuable sense of purpose within your organization. You’ll discover why:

  • Summoning the beliefs from the world’s first philosophers will help you better understand the derivation of thought leadership and its ethical implications on a company’s purpose
  • When thought leadership is presented in the right place, at the right time, and in the right light it adds relevant differentiation, respect, trust, and the enviable position of being knowledgeable and resourceful to your brand

  • Aristotle believed it was essential for us to be morally balanced and that we need ReasonSpirit and Appetite in our lives and that includes our work -- Reason for solid thinking, Spirit for empathy, and Appetite for a desire to learn and seek understanding

  • Theorists connect the dots, but thought leaders connect the dots when there are no dots to connect