Pinterest and Tumbler are Fastest Growing Social Networks

It can be challenging to decide which social platforms to use for your business. Although many businesses continue to use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, some of the smaller and more specialized platforms are growing at the quickest rates.  

According to a recent article, published by Global Web Index, of the biggest social platforms globally, Facebook is the only one to have seen a decline in the numbers who think of themselves as active users, with a 8% drop. Meanwhile, the chasing pack of YouTube, Twitter and Google+ have all experienced steady rises of between 7-13%. But it’s the smaller and more specialized platforms which are growing at the quickest rates, with Pinterest (+97%) and Tumblr (+94%) recording by far the biggest and most impressive increases.


Pinterest provided the perfect recipe solution for a responsive website that we recently designed for Bushman's Inc., a potato grower and distributor.  Bushman's wanted to provide potato recipes on their website, but they lacked the internal resources to create and post their own recipes.   By using Pinterest, Bushman's can quickly and easily access thousands of potato recipes and display select recipes on their website. Interested in potato recipes?  Visit Recipes on Bushman's Inc. website.