Content Marketing

I’m not working from a content marketing calendar, like the Flying Wallendas, I’m working without a net.

Yes, I’m selling out, throwing in the towel, crying uncle, no mas.

Ebooks are analytics-rich and that’s the first reason I’m down with them, or up, or both, depending on which generation you’re talking to.

So, I suggest starting small but dreaming big. Try one blog post every week. I wrote a post a while back called Blog it Like Drucker: How to Write a B2B Blog That Creates Customers.  

Are you building trust by way of your website, nurturing leads, adding value because of your content, being a thought leader? If not, strike four.

You must turn Content Marketing into a regularly scheduled daily event just as you would a daily strategy meeting or a coffee break, albeit a very long coffee break.

When speaking to the business world about the future of website design and development, I tell our clients that simplicity is the solution we should be striving for. And that goal, time and again, can be found in our past.

In the last year or so, four seismic marketing events occurred that will forever reshape how insurance agencies develop new business and sustain it. There’s no secret to event number one; it’s Google’s highly publicized reformulation of their secret algorithm, which I have written about extensively.

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One of my favorite advertising quotes came from the Englishman, William Lever, when he said, “I know half my advertising isn’t working, I just don’t know which half." And like a lot of advertising, Lever probably stole the quote from John Wanamaker who said something similar a few years earlier.